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Italy's Finest ® Awning Fabrics

Another brand we offer is Tempotest High Quality Shade Fabric manufactured by Parà.
In 1921, the Parà Industrial Group was established. This family-run business has been making high-end, high-performance textiles for more than three decades. They are utilized in sun protection, marine, indoor/outdoor furniture, and accessories, among other applications.

Part of what has made Parà a well-known brand throughout the world is its distinctive Italian design. Because of this, as well as their unwavering dedication to innovation and creating only the best products, Parà has become a major force in the global market.

The Parà Group has established a solid reputation for producing some of the best textiles in the business. “Made in Italy” products are produced with great attention to detail, starting with the spinning and weaving phases and continuing through the printing and dyeing, coating, and finishing lines.

(Please note that some Sattler fabrics will be “Special Order” and may require an additional fee)

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