Retractable Patio Screens In Lake Worth

Enhance Your Outdoor Space: Retractable Patio Screens

There’s nothing more enjoyable than enjoying your Lake Worth home’s outdoor space, however it can feel like an impossible task when you’re struggling to withstand the Florida heat, the incessant bugs, and unpredictable weather all year round. You’re stuck inside, forced to stare out the window hoping for that one decent day of the year. That ends with Awning Stars. As the leading installer and supplier of high-quality retractable patio screens in Lake Worth, we have exactly what you need to get the job done time and time again.
Our retractable screens provide the perfect solution for your outdoor space. They are designed to enclose your patio or lanai with high-quality drop down screens that cover every inch of open space, protecting you from sun or rain as needed and defending against insects that try to make your house a home. You’ll never have to run inside again when Mother Nature comes rolling your way. You can’t go wrong with Awning Stars’ retractable patio screens in Lake Worth. They offer an easy way to bring the beauty of your outdoor living space inside. No matter what type or size you may need, Awning stars has you covered!

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Where Form And Function Meet

Our retractable patios screens in Lake Worth make a great addition to your home. They’re designed not only for shade and protection, but they also look good while doing it! Retracting them is as simple as pushing a button on your remote or rolling them back manually. We know you want your outdoor living space to be a perfect match for the rest of your home, which is why we offer such variety in screen material and color options. Our retractable patio screens will seamlessly integrate with any design style while still providing protection from bugs or other pests that might find their way into your area.

Different Solutions For Different Problems

Awning Stars has proudly been the leading retractable patio screen installer in Lake Worth for years. We’ve built our reputation by providing our clients with a variety of solutions to best match their worries or issues. You’ll find varying screen types, sizes, materials, and colors, to best match what you’re looking for. Our three retractable solar patio screens are:

Retractable Solar Patio Screens In Lake Worth

Near endless summer and a warm climate are two major attractions for most people in Florida. It’s not uncommon, however, that the heat can catch you by surprise when it arrives without warning. The aggressive heat, coupled with sticky humidity, makes for a very uncomfortable living situation. With retractable solar patio screens in Lake Worth, this becomes a worry of the past!

When retracted, your solar patio screens will immediately reduce stagnant heat, as well as heat gain within your patio or lanai space. You’ll be able to enjoy the outside of your home without being overwhelmed by the unbearable heat. Depending on the position of your home, our solar patio screens will also reduce glare and direct sunlight, so you never have to worry about being blinded the moment you step outside.

Retractable Insect Patio Screens In Lake Worth

Lake Worth has so much to offer its residents. With such close proximity to the beach and major cities less than an hour away, it’s no wonder people love living in Lake Worth. Of course, with living in Lake Worth does come the amount of pests and bugs that tend to make their way into your home. From mosquitos to flies, to spiders and even palmetto bugs, it can be a nightmare just trying to enjoy your outdoor space where they seem to congregate.

Keep “uninvited guests” out of your outdoor living area with our retractable insect patio screens in Lake Worth. Designed to run from edge to edge, our insect patio screens stop pests right in their tracks, ensuring they stay out and you stay cool all year long.

Retractable Storm Patio Screens In Lake Worth

With our retractable storm patio screens in Lake Worth, you can enjoy your beautiful patio space without getting drenched the minute it begins to drizzle. The first sign of a monsoon is enough to force us inside usually, but that isn’t the case with our retractable storm screens in Lake Worth.

Atlas Armor hurricane screens are the only material rated for extreme winds. Not only do they provide protection from high-powered storms, but their storm resistance means that you can rest peacefully knowing that your home is defended against even the toughest of storms raging outside. This is especially true for tropical storms and hurricanes, which can cause significant harm to your home if left undefended.

Enhance Your Space Today With Awning Stars

Thinking about upgrading your Lake Worth patio? Contact Awning Stars to get the best retractable screens around! We offer a wide range of options for both motorized and manual styles. Simply contact us today either online or give us a call at (888) 345-0033 to receive your free quote!

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