My Retractable Awning Isn’t Working, What Should I do?

Don’t Suffer From An Inoperable Retractable Awning

A fairly common call we get during the summer season is that after a storm or blackout, customers find that their awning may not react to the remote control.

(applies to motorized awnings)

They feel their awning is broken, or the motor isn’t working, or the remote is malfunctioning, when in fact everything is perfectly fine.

The new SOMFY® motors are computer controlled with “electronic brains.”

On occasion the motor will need to be reset, just like a home computer.

This is a simple process that the homeowner or business owner can do himself or herself and save money on a service call. Are you ready? Here we go…. Unplug the awning power cord plug from the outlet, wait 30 to 60 seconds and plug it back in…That’s it!

Your issue should be resolved!

This is a simple procedure that solves most “non functioning” issues.

Try this next time before calling for a service call.

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