Exercise That Awning or Screen!

Enjoy Your Awning or Screen, Don’t Keep It Wrapped Up!

One of the best ways to keep your Motorized Retractable Awning or Screen working consistently and smoothly is to actually use it.

As you may or may not know, moisture is one of the keys to electronics failure. In environments like the moist Florida weather motors can experience shortened life. Our shade products use superior Somfy® electronic controls and motors. Even these high quality shade motors can be affected by extreme amounts of humidity and moisture.

Electronic shade motors generate a large amount of heat when operated. This can be good and bad. Bad because they can overheat with excessive use on hot days, but good because the periodic operation will burn off any excessive moisture that may have permeated into the motor. So, we recommend the periodic exercising of your motor ie: open and close your awning or screen several times in a row to keep the moisture down and the motor working properly.

If you have questions about the operation or care of your Somfy® motors or controls, please feel free to contact us at (888) 345-0033 or Info@AwningStars.com.

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