Awning Stars specializes in recovering retractable awnings. We often get calls for customers with old tired-out fabrics that would like to get them changed to add “new life” to their awning. That is a great idea because it is about 1/2 the cost of a new awning to replace the fabric on your old one. When Awning Stars does a fabric change, we not only remove your old fabric, but we clean, lubricate and adjust the awning frame before attaching the new fabric. This assures your awning will look and operate the best it can.

Be assured that we take the utmost care in handling your awning as sometimes older retractable awnings can have some mechanical issues.

Before changing the fabric on your aging awning please keep in mind that motors older than 5 years are typically out of warranty. And, when they get up in age they have a tendency to fail after new, heavier modern day fabrics are installed. Most of the time, we never have an issue, but be aware that a new motor can cost anywhere from $800 to over $1000 to replace (depending on the size of your awning). The older the motor, the more likely you may have an issue right away, or sometime not far down the road.

Also, other hidden problems may arise, such as squeaks, rattles, and clunks due to aging shoulders, elbows, tension springs and cables which may become evident right after your “new” fabric is installed. Sometimes these symptoms do not affect the operation of your awning, and sometimes they do. Some awning manufacturers make proprietary parts that only fit their awnings so we cannot get parts if they are not available, or if the manufacturer is out of business as many older companies in South Florida are your awning may be impossible to repair.

Sometimes it is just a good idea to replace your tired awning with a brand new unit. The advantages usually far outweigh the extra cost. Think about it. A new frame, new fabric, new motor (if motorized) and a brand new warranty can give you peace-of-mind that your investment will give you many years of trouble free shade. Did you know that we offer a “Lifetime” warranty on our retractable awning frames? It is one of the best warranties in the business, and you don’t have to pay extra for it. Also, we use state-of-the-art solution dyed acrylic fabrics from two of the top manufacturers in the world, Sattler┬« and Sunbrella┬«. Our frames are fabricated from top quality steel and aluminum from Germany and have 6 mils of powder coat (equivalent to 10 coats of paint) to insure a long lasting corrosion free finish that will last many years in the Florida weather. And we meet both Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade Hurricane Code Approval to give you the confidence you are purchasing one of the world’s best and strongest retractable awnings available.

Give us a try, and call us at 888.345.0033 for a Free estimate to refabricate your existing retractable awning or quote you for a new replacement.