Retractable Awning Maintenance, why should I bother?

You’ve invested in a quality shade product for your home or business. Just as your car needs maintenance and your home or business needs maintenance, your retractable awning needs maintenance and cleaning as well.

The heat, humidity, dryness cycles, and salt air in South Florida can really test the workings and longevity of any outdoor product.

Just like anything else left outside and exposed, your retractable awning should be cleaned (frame and fabric), lubricated, and adjusted on an annual basis. This will insure years of trouble free operation to extend the life of your shade to it’s maximum. Quality retractable awnings can last 10 to 15, and even up to 20 years with some simple care.

If you don’t care for your awning by leaving it out unattended for long periods of time without lubrication or cleaning you will most certainly shorten the expected life of the product. Severe wind and/or storms can damage the frame or fabric (see accompanying photos) as well as moving parts can become slow, squeaky, and can even seize.

Modern day retractable awnings sold by Awning Stars, LLC have top quality Sattler® and Sunbrella® fabric options that will last for many, many years. These solution dyed acrylic fabrics are state-of-the-art awning fabrics made for severe outdoor use with today’s high tech retractable awnings.

If you live in South Florida, especially by the water from Stuart, to Boca Raton, to Fort Lauderdale, to Miami Beach then the sun and salt exposure can be severe. Also, motors, remote controls, and wind sensors (all electrical components) are subject to premature failure due to the salt air. It is even more important for people living in the coastal areas to keep their awnings clean and well maintained.

Awning Stars offers cleaning and maintenance services periodically, or annually at reasonable prices. Call us today at 888.345.0033 for a free estimate. We are happy to serve you from Martin County to Miami-Dade County.