Did you know your Somfy® Wind Sensor has batteries?

Awning Stars has come across many customers over the years through service calls that are having issues with their awning retracting in on their own for no apparent reason. 90% of the time it is a wind/motion sensor* issue. And, Here’s why?

Somfy motors and controls communicate with each other. Somfy Motors and Somfy wind/motion sensors communicate frequently, and if the wind/motion sensor senses acceleration beyond the threshold it is set at for your application (awning, screen etc.), then the unit will trigger a signal to the motor to close.

Also, if the motor of your product loses communication altogether with the wind/motion sensor, then it will close.

If you open or operate your product, it will periodically close when it can’t “find” the wind/motion sensor.

So, if the batteries have died, the sensor fell off, you put it in a drawer, or for whatever reason the communication has stopped with the motor, then like clockwork the unit will retract….all by itself….no wind at all.

(Does this sound familiar?), If so, you now know why!

Awning Stars recommends changing the batteries in your sensor every year, more often if you live near the ocean as salt air and humidity can lead to premature failure of the batteries rendering the sensor useless.

Please remember that a wind/motion sensor is not an excuse for common sense. Sensors can fail, and power in your home/business can be interrupted, thereby not protecting your Retractable Awning, Solar Shade, Motorized Screen or other Somfy motorized product.

We always recommend retracting your shade products in high winds or storm like conditions no matter what the wind rating or manufacture claims. Florida weather is unpredictable and can damage even the strongest of shade structures if given the right conditions.

Awnings stars offers service programs that will check your wind sensors and change the batteries regularly, adjust your shade products stop positions and pitch (for retractable awnings), clean the frame and fabrics, and much more.

Call awning stars today at: (888) 345-0033 for an estimate on a service for your awning or shade product.