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3 Signs You NEED An Exterior Screen System

There’s nothing better than enjoying your home’s exterior space to the fullest. Whether it’s a BBQ with friends and family, a pool day with your kids, or using your patio as your work from home office, it should be one of the most used areas of your home—and yet, it probably isn’t.

Here at Awning Stars, we’ve found that many South Florida homeowners are desperate to enjoy their patio or lanai, but just cant for 3 key reasons:

  • It’s Way Too Hot!
  • The Pests Are A Nightmare!
  • The Weather Changes Every Other Minute!

These are all very valid reasons to avoid going outside in South Florida, however we want to let you in on a secret: you can actually go outside and spend time in your patio or lanai with an exterior screen system! Our exterior screen systems in South Florida effectively eliminate all three of the aforementioned reasons by targeting through different screen solutions.

It’s Way Too Hot!

“The Sunshine State” gets its name for a reason, being the hottest state in the United States. With annual lows averaging out to 70.7 degrees and our annual highs reaching upwards of 100 degrees, South Florida heat can and will make you sweat in the dead of Winter. This can make spending time outside rather uncomfortable, forcing people inside even when it’s clear blue skies overhead.

With the Awning Stars exterior solar screen system, the heat becomes a second thought. Once lowered, our solar screens drastically reduce the temperature within your patio or lanai. That way, you can comfortably sit outside without immediately being drenched in sweat the moment you step foot outside.

The Pests Are A Nightmare!

Combining South Florida’s humid weather with its close proximity to the swampy Florida Everglades gives homeowners 100s of pests to worry about. Every year, we’re accosted by the likes of mosquitos, lovebugs, lizards, frogs, and palmetto bugs. It can make going outside an awful experience for everyone. Thankfully, our exterior insect screen system nip that problem in the bud.

By lowering your exterior insect screen, you stop pests right in their tracks from making their way into your exterior space. Our edge to edge screens provide the best defense against pesky pests trying to make their way towards your home. Now, you can finally go outside without having 20 bites and bumps after just 5 minutes!

The Weather Changes Every Other Minute!

No matter if you’ve lived in South Florida for a few months or your whole life, you’re all too familiar with its unpredictable weather. While it may seem like a perfect, cloudless day at 11am, there can be a monsoon raging outside in a matter of minutes—and then be over just 15 minutes later! Whether a quick sunshower or the dangerous power of a hurricane, our exterior hurricane screens are the perfect solution! Designed to stop heavy rains and winds from damaging your home during a hurricane, our hurricane screen systems are guaranteed to keep you dry outside even if a storm is raging.

If you’ve been desperate to enjoy your home’s patio or lanai to the fullest, you can count on Awning Stars exterior screen systems to make that happen. Designed using the highest quality screen materials and retention systems, we won’t stop till you’re 100% satisfied with the finished product. To receive a free quote, give us a call at (888) 345-0033 or contact us online today!