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5 Additions Your Backyard Needs Before Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to transform your backyard into a vibrant and inviting outdoor space. Whether you love hosting barbecues, relaxing under the sun, or enjoying the evening breeze, there are five essential additions that can elevate your backyard experience. From providing shade and protection to enhancing your overall comfort, these […]

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louvered roof | summer cover

Why You Shouldn’t Go Into Summer Without Cover

South Florida is known for its tropical climate, and its summers can be particularly hot and humid. The temperatures can easily reach the upper 90s, and when combined with high humidity levels, the heat index can make it feel much hotter. This can make it challenging to stay comfortable, especially when spending time outdoors. The […]

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patio screen install

3 Reasons Why You NEED To Get Patio Screens Installed Ahead of Spring

As the winter months slowly come to an end, many homeowners in South Florida start thinking about how they can make the most of their outdoor space during the spring and summer months. Chances are, you’re overwhelmed by the overwhelming heat, various pests, and torrential downpours we’ve come to expect while living here. It can […]

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motorized solar screens south florida

Comparing Motorized Solar Screens and Window Screens

If you are in the market for screens for your windows, you may be wondering what the best option is. Do you go with motorized solar screens or simple window screens? Both offer the same benefit of blocking out the sun, however what makes them different—and which is best for your space? Motorized Solar Screens […]

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fort lauderdale hurricane screens | south florida shade system

3 Reasons You Need A Shade System For Your Patio

As with many South Floridian’s, you know how great it is to be able to enjoy the outdoors on your patio. However, if your patio doesn’t have a shading system, you may find yourself using it less and less as the summer months roll around and that Florida heat and humidity becomes unbearable. Thankfully, a […]

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