Canvas Awnings

Awning Stars Is the Canvas Awning Supplier and Installer of Choice

Unleash the transformative power of installing canvas awnings to amplify your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency with Awning Stars.

As the premier awning supplier and installer in South Florida, Awning Stars has crafted a reputation for exceptional canvas products, ranging from retractable canvas awnings to custom canvas patio covers, all designed with style and durability in mind.

With each unique installation, they work hard to provide clients with shade solutions that offer optimal UV protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

So, why not revitalize your outdoor space with Awning Stars?

Stay with us to learn why countless South Florida homeowners, already trust this charter member for their awning needs.

Benefits of Canvas Awnings

When it comes to trustworthy and reliable awning suppliers in South Florida, Awning Stars is a name that stands out. Being a top-tier awning installer and supplier, they specialize in high-quality canvas awnings and offer a variety of services related to exterior restoration. Awning Stars has vast experience with building materials essential for awning assembly and installation, ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability.

Awnings, specifically ones made of high-grade canvas, serve a multitude of purposes beyond their aesthetic appeal. From residential patio awnings or deck awnings to commercial window awnings, the functional advantages are enormous. Here’s why installation of custom canvas awnings is a wise choice:

  • They provide effective UV protection: Canvas awnings significantly cut down on harmful UV rays, safeguarding you and your belongings from heat damage.
  • The shade structures enhance energy efficiency: By reducing heat gain, canvas awnings contribute to substantial energy savings.
  • They boost your building’s curb appeal: With custom designs and various fabric awning options such as sunbrella, you can give your property a unique and aesthetic makeover.
  • They provide an extended outdoor living area: With patio covers or a porch awning, you can create extra functional space that is sheltered and comfortable.

The durability and resilience of canvas products, like retractable canvas awnings, set them apart from other awning materials. The awning fabric’s quality, coupled with the robust awning frame, ensures that your awning can withstand South Florida’s diverse weather conditions. For those who love their travel trailers, Awning Stars even provides retractable awnings for mobile enjoyment.

Awning Stars even offers services like awning service, replacement fabric, roll-up awning installation, and window treatments, making them the comprehensive solution for your awning needs. Be it a patio awning, a window awning or retractable shade solutions for your deck, you can request a quote and get started on enhancing your property’s exterior with Awning Stars.

What Seperates Awning Stars from other South Florida awning suppliers and installers

Awning Stars rises above the competition as an awning supplier in south Florida largely due to their focus on delivering top-notch canvas awnings. Their team of experts pays keen attention to details during the product design and installation stages, leading to perfect fit and finish. Whether you’re looking for a retractable, window, or patio awning, Awning Stars has you covered with their assortment of canvas products.

The difference lies not just in their products but also in their commitment to provide excellent service. The team of Awning Stars are not merely awning installers; they are trained professionals who offer valuable advice in shade structures selection and placement. Bringing in vast experience and deep knowledge about building materials and exterior restoration, Awning Stars stands as the reliable, expert solution for awning needs.

Unlike other awning suppliers in south Florida, Awning Stars takes pride in their extensive portfolio of custom canvas awnings and patio covers. They even offer products like retractable canvas awnings, designed to the clients’ specific needs while ensuring an ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics. The company also extends its product range to include sunbrella – an awning fabric famous for its durability, colorfastness and resistance against UV rays.

Innovative retracting solutions and customer-centric approach is what sets Awning Stars apart from its competitors. Throughout the installation process, every Awning Stars professional acts as a true awning service provider and more, prepared to answer all questions and meet all specifications. The result is a set of durable, high-quality shade solutions that adds value and appeal to your property. Awning Stars, indeed, is much more than just your average south Florida awning installer.

Customer Service You Can Trust

At Awning Stars, customer satisfaction is not just a catchphrase; instead, it’s at the core of their operations. They’re aware that each client brings a unique set of needs to the table, a fact that they’ve woven into their service delivery. Customers can trust that when engaging Awning Stars as their awning supplier and installer, they’re not only purchasing awnings but also investing in a professional relationship built on trust and quality service.

Awning Stars hold their customer service team in high regard, prioritizing effective communication and client satisfaction. Upon contacting Awning Stars, customers can easily request a quote, discuss their requirements, and receive expert advice from experienced professionals. The team ensures that every customer is heard, their preferences are respected, and their awning-related queries are meticulously handled.

In case an issue arises with your awning, be it a patio cover or a retractable canvas awning, Awning Stars’ customer service personnel are always available to help out. They understand that timely and reliable support can make a substantial difference to their customers’ satisfaction. As such, they offer fast but thoroughly executed solutions to any issues, from fabric replacement to fixing an awning frame.

Awning Stars’ commitment to customer service even extends beyond the initial installation. They offer continued support in the form of exterior restoration and maintenance of their canvas products. They realize that a durable and beautiful awning not only improves curb appeal but also can lead to significant energy savings for their customers, and they strive to preserve these benefits throughout the lifetime of the product.

High-Quality Patio Awnings

Awning Stars has crafted its reputation around the delivery and installation of high-concentration canvas awnings, especially their patio awnings. They understand the value of aesthetics meshed with purpose, as seen in the premium construction, the careful selection of vibrant awning fabrics, and the thoughtful integration of UV protection and heat gain reduction features. Every patio awning installed by Awning Stars is not only an embodiment of supreme craftsmanship but also a reliable shelter against south Florida’s varied weather.

High-grade canvas fabric is used in the creation of Awning Stars’ patio awnings. Known for its durability, canvas fabric is an excellent choice for patio cover, offering a sturdy, wear-resistant shield against the elements while maintaining its vibrant color under relentless heat and UV rays exposure. With Awning Stars, a patio awning is more than a shade provider; it’s a long-lasting addition that enriches the outdoor space of the property.

Quality control is paramount at Awning Stars, reflected in every retractable canvas awning they offer. Each patio awning is meticulously checked to ensure seamless operation of its retracting mechanism. This careful monitoring process guarantees longevity of use, optimal functionality, and little to no post-installation issues – benefits every property owner would highly appreciate.

One of the standout features of Awning Stars’ patio awnings is the ability to subtly blend them with the existing aesthetics of the property. Keeping customer’s taste and building’s exterior at the forefront, Awning Stars canonically extends your living space into the outdoor region. This harmony of style and function is what makes Awning Stars the optimal choice for patio awnings in south Florida.


Awning Stars rises prominently among South Florida awning suppliers and installers due to their exceptional quality canvas awnings and unrivaled customer service. Their commitment to providing aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional awnings tailored to individual needs sets them apart. From patio to retractable canvas awnings, every product they offer aligns with customer satisfaction, energy efficiency, and superior UV protection. Moreover, Awning Stars’ dedication, evening extending to post-installation services like exterior restoration, positions them as more than just an awning supplier but as a reliable partner for all awning needs. Embodying expertise, reliability, and quality, choosing Awning Stars indeed signifies a wise investment for any property in South Florida.

To learn more about canvas awnings for your home patio, contact us today and receive a free no obligation on-site estimate from our team!